Binkerd Performance Horses strive to keep rates fair and services expanding to reach as many exceptional athletes as possible. Feel free to contact us for package pricing. 

We offer:

Board:  Our full-care board price is an all-inclusive service. We include a wide variety of services from turn out, blanketing and special attention to dietary needs for your equine. We have 6 brand new turn-out pens including shelters, so lots of exercise is available to keep your horse happy and healthy. We feed a high quality grass hay and alfalfa. Whole oats and horse guard are also included in the price. Any supplements you wish will be fed daily when provided by you.  

Training:  Our goal is to educate exceptional equestrian athletes, which means both human and equine. Your horse will be analyzed and given a training program that fits the current skill set and the end all goal. Frequent assessments are given so that you can track the progress of the training. Equestrian is a sport where balance and communication are paramount to creating winning partnerships. For this reason we offer lessons as a part of the training package. When your horse is in training with us you will always have access to as many lessons that are beneficial and advance your partnership with  you and your horse. 

Lessons:  Lessons for you and you horse are always a part of the training experience but may also be purchased separately.  Lessons are approximately an hour long and are always private or semi-private. Haul-ins are also welcome. 

Clinics:  We offer occasional clinics for all types. Watch our website and/or our FaceBook page for details. 

Miscellaneous:  We also offer services too numerous to list. Some examples are hauling, banding, bathing, videoing and sales. Please contact us for your needs!!